The Ultimate Guide To Strategic Marketing for Podiatrists

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Foot problems comprise about 8% of a GP’s consultations for musculoskeletal issues. Patients used to wait till a referral was made to a podiatrist by their GP before booking an appointment. That is no longer the practice in recent times. The internet has almost totally buried that era now. Businesses have taken Social Media by storm and are fast swimming against the tide of competition. 

A strong online presence is compulsory because patients have taken to the internet to aid their search for Podiatrists. Besides having an online presence, you need to keep your name on people’s lips. This is where digital marketing comes in. Owning a website, being active on social media, blogging, and search engine optimization would aid the marketing process. 

Keep your eyes glued here to learn more about the different digital marketing methods for podiatrists and the processes to undertake. 

What Does Marketing for Podiatrists Mean? 

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As previously mentioned, the world has become a global village. Advertisements have gone beyond word of mouth. Marketing for Podiatrists refers to creating awareness about your podiatry practice. Podiatry marketing is also looking for avenues to spark conversations around your practice and get patronage. 

What Are the Benefits of Marketing for Podiatrists?

There is a world of benefits that would be experienced by podiatrists who make a shift toward digital marketing. Some of the benefits will be outlined and discussed below. 

It is cost-effective. 

Digital marketing as a podiatrist is cost-effective because you get to have control. You decide what you want and the funds you want to put into it. It becomes even more cost-effective if you are carrying out the marketing yourself. In this way, you may not need to spend money on paying experts to market your practice. 

The decision-making is yours.

In this regard, beyond being cost-effective and being limited by funds, you get to decide what you want. You can also decide the extent of the reach you want and the means. You can decide the subspecialty to advertise based on the needs of people in your locality. 

Easy modification

Another great benefit of digital marketing for podiatrists is that it is easy to modify. You can create multiple samples of digital and text ads and then decide which is best. This also means that you can look closely at the reach and conversions and make changes where necessary. 

Easy to scale

The easy scalability is a worthy mention as a benefit of marketing for Podiatrists. 

When you use advertising methods like Google Ads and the conversation it yields is premium, you can decide to grow. The growth may be to a reasonable extent that can determine whether you realize a return on investment. 

You wield greater control

As a podiatrist looking for benefits and reasons to get into the digital marketing front, having control is a plus. From the board, you can outline your desired reach and conversions. This would also help you budget the finances you should throw into marketing. 

You also control the process by determining the geographic location you want to reach and your target audience. 

Easier analysis

As a digital marketer in the podiatry practice, you don’t have to assume figures. The numbers speak for themselves. The reach each campaign had and the responses gotten. The data is easily accessed and informs the next line of action you would want to undertake. 

Digital Marketing Strategies for Podiatrists

This section will expound adequately on podiatry marketing strategies. Several strategies would be suggested. The goal is to make your podiatry practice a finger tap away from prospective patients. 

Designing a Website

There is no successful 21st-century company with the desire to make sensible profit and turnovers without a website. If you surf the net, the common denominator amongst common company websites is the optimized interface. 

The websites have an interplay of colors and content that grabs attention and keeps it on lockdown. This is what you should aim for as a budding website owner. When building the website, pay attention to the following:


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The design captures your visitors’ attention and determines if they will remain on the site or not. 

The speed 

It is necessary to consider the speeds required for your website to load. Nobody wants to spend time waiting online for pages to load. 

Mobile device optimization

Your podiatry clinic website should be mobile-friendly. Mobile devices would be used more often to access your website than laptops or desktops. This is because your potential customers are most likely people on the go requiring urgent podiatry care. 

Accessibility with several search engines. 

Other search engines, like Bing, can also be used to search for your website. It would be great to have this in mind while building your website. 

Endeavor to also include pictures of your clinic, your staff, and even yourself when working on a patient. Use great catchphrases and emphasize the professionalism you embody while working. Website visitors should have a swell time visiting the site. 

Facebook Ads

There is misinformation making the rounds that Facebook is a platform used for only the older generation. That is untrue, as various age groups actively use the platform. Facebook ads make a great podiatry marketing strategy.

To create a buzz about your practice and close more leads to your foot clinic, you will need to understand how Facebook works. Creating Ads on Facebook should be channeled toward the predominant activity that Facebook users do on the platform. Your ads should not come across as desperate. Try to educate and also entertain while passing across your information. 

Google Ads

Another cheap alternative in digital marketing for chiropractors is Google Ads. These are simply the adverts you see when you search for an item in your google search engine. It uses the pay-per-click or cost-per-click feature—which is essentially you paying for the ad whenever someone clicks. 

As a podiatrist using Google Ads, your ad should appear if a user searches for foot-related issues. Unfortunately, you are one of many podiatrists who want to get patients. Several other podiatrists utilize google ads campaigns, which can become quite competitive. As a result, you would need to optimize your ads with appropriate target keywords to rank higher. 

Social Media Marketing

Beyond having a website for publicizing your podiatry practice, it is necessary to have a social media handle. This is called social media marketing. Your social media pages bring you closer to potential patients. 

You can create accounts on Instagram, Tiktok, and Twitter. You can create educational yet entertaining content that will stimulate the interest of your followers. It also makes it easier for you to be contacted. 

Search Engine Optimization

Podiatry marketing services do not stop at creating a website. You need to make your site visible to internet users who are searching for Podiatrists. This is where search engine optimization comes in handy. With search engine optimization, the chances of ranking high on search engine results increase. 

This is important because internet users tend to click the sites that appear first on their mobiles. Very few have the patience to keep scrolling page by page. To rank higher, you can create relevant content for podiatry-curious guests on your site and other related sites. 

You can also include the use of relevant and popular keywords. Other strategies that can be used include active blogging, social media, and even email marketing. These help to draw attention to your website and make it rank higher. 

Automated Referral System

In marketing for podiatrists, you should not downplay the power of referrals. Good service sells itself, and customers should be encouraged to do so. You can set up an automated reward system to give points or some other incentives to referrers. Other healthcare workers can also do patient referrals. 

Practice Patient Retention Strategies

To keep your old and new patients coming, you may need to do more than just treat them. Focus on giving them great experiences that they would not readily get elsewhere. This serves as some form of online reputation management.

Some of the podiatric marketing strategies to employ may be;

Using an online clinic visit scheduler.

Here you can automate your sales process, allowing new patients to get scheduled for a clinic visit from the comfort of their homes. This achieves multiple results as it primarily makes the patient more comfortable and, on the other hand, decongests your clinic. It reduces the patient volume and the length of time more patients have to wait before attention is given. 

Using automated text messages 

You can schedule automated text messages or emails to remind your new 

patients about their clinic appointments. You can also use this means to keep them informed of changes in their hospital appointment or any necessary change. 

Online Reviews From Patients

Online reviews also fall under the online reputation management strategies.

Feedback from your patients dictates the changes to be made in the quality of service. It can be an online service satisfaction form that captures the service rendered and suggestions for improvements. 

You should also endeavor to respond to the reviews and engage the respondents where necessary. However, don’t restrict responding to reviews on your site alone. This gives prospective patients the impression that you have their well-being at heart. 

Another amazing advantage of using online reviews is that it helps to boost your rankings on search engines. The more patients respond, the more your podiatry practice is perceived as relevant by Google and ranks higher. 


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Blogging is one important tool in Podiatry marketing. It gives you room to educate individuals on foot-related health issues appropriately. There can be a scheduled upload for your blog post on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. The blog can cover topics ranging from ankle care, ingrown toenails, bunions, and much more. 

You can also cover news about exceptional care for podiatric injuries and raise awareness of foot diseases. Plus, ensure that the content written for the blog is in simple terms and easily understood. You also need to bear your target audience in mind. 

The blog should be added to your site for easy accessibility by your audience. 

Besides blogging on your site, you can also be a guest blogger on Podiatry practices for other sites. This helps to generate trust in the hearts of your clients. 

Email Marketing

Email marketing is another brilliant method when carrying out podiatry marketing. 

It helps you to keep in touch with previous patients and prospective ones. With this cost-effective method, you can keep your patients up-to-date with the happenings in the Podiatric practice. 


Digital Marketing for Podiatrists is a business boost that should not be taken for granted. There are more chances that a person who needs podiatric care would first look online before yielding to other alternatives. This should push you to go online and get your business out there. 

You may need help to handle the processes. Book a 15 minutes discovery call today to understand how we can help achieve your marketing goals. This call will give you clarity on how to handle professional digital marketing for Podiatrists.

Frequently Asked Questions

Google ads work on a pay-per-click setting. With this ad, there is a guarantee that your podiatry practice will be on the first page of a search. This gives you great results and helps you reach potential patients.

With ad retargeting, your business is kept directly in the visual field of potential customers. It is a form of online marketing that reminds your site visitors to keep coming back. It can be done through LinkedIn or Facebook Ads.

The amount you can spend on digital marketing is dependent on the extent of marketing you want to do. Usually, Google ads are between $1 to $2 per click. Digital marketing agencies that you consult can also give their prices for the select services they render.

Besides Facebook, you can utilize other social media handles for your marketing needs. LinkedIn can be fertile ground to show off your professionalism. Tiktok and Instagram can be used to make podiatry-related videos.

As a podiatrist, the services that you offer may differ from what some other Podiatrist offers. The strategies your competitor used may not work for you. You can consult a marketing firm to make an informed decision on what is best for your business.

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