Facebook Advertising for Chiropractors: A Comprehensive Guide

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Facebook ads are undoubtedly one of the most effective ways chiropractors reach potential patients. The platform provides several tools to help with more targeted Facebook advertising for chiropractors. Despite its vast features, you might still produce ineffective ads without guidance.

Trying to reach your target audience in advertising can be like finding your way through a maze. Using Facebook ads for chiropractors gives you an edge because of the social media channel’s appeal. The practice is delicate, and we will run you through all that is involved.

This feature will explore leveraging chiropractic Facebook ads to generate more leads. The practice is simple if you get the basics right. So, let’s jump in on this cost-effective strategy that will help you reach more patients in no time.

What are Chiropractic Facebook Ads?

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While running through your news feed on Facebook, you have probably seen different ads on the page. They are less intrusive, blending well with posts from your friends. Then, something captivates you enough to make you click on one.

You could be interested in the Facebook ad because of the service or product shown. One thing you must know is that those Facebook ads are not random. Seeing them means you are part of the target audience for the ad campaign.

Chiropractor Facebook ads are no different from these advertising campaigns. You are pushing out chiropractic Facebook posts to the targeted audience this time. As you will see later, this strategy can be a lead magnet to reach more customers.

You can only do so much if you run a chiropractic clinic without generating leads. The more leads you have, the more opportunity you have for conversion rate optimization. We will see more of this later.

A chiropractic Facebook ad campaign is part of a broader sales funnel. While you focus on building an attractive copy for your target audience, your website must be ready. That includes creating the landing page to supplement the ad campaign.

Types of Facebook Advertising for Chiropractors

Facebook advertising for chiropractors comes in different forms. We are sure you have seen a text copy, a video, or a well-designed e-flyer. All these are ways to generate more leads and get more clients, or in your case, new patients.

Your chiropractic clinic or business should run Facebook ads if you want to reach beyond your physical reach. With that in mind, here are the types of chiropractor Facebook ads you can run:

Text-based Facebook Ad

Although you will find text in other ad copies, some ads rely solely on written text. It is the simplest way to perform Facebook marketing for chiropractors. You only need a good write-up for your targeted audience.

A text-based Facebook ad campaign might carry the right message, but it is less appealing. People will generally skip long writeups and scroll to the next thing. Hence, it is a less effective strategy in itself.

Image-based Facebook Ads for Chiropractors

Even though images generate fewer clicks than videos, they are equally effective in taking prospects to your landing page. An image-based ad uses an e-flyer or a more targeted design to reach your potential patients. It has a visual appeal that makes people curious.

You could create standalone image-based Facebook ads or make them part of ad sets. Either way, the goal and the call to action must be clear to the viewer. That leaves us with, last but not least, Facebook ads for chiropractors.

Video Facebook Ads for Chiropractors

Videos give a more practical approach to your ad copy. They could show you speaking directly to your potential patients or taking a more rounded approach. The latter could be a general view of your chiropractic clinic or business and its services.

Your chiropractic Facebook marketing will only be complete with videos. They are more effective than images or text because of the opportunity to be more personal. Hence, you must build your ad campaign around them.

As you prepare to run Facebook ads for chiropractors, put money into making the best videos. You want your targeted audience to click through and visit your landing page. In other words, regarding social media marketing as part of your sales funnel.

Before Your Kickoff of that Chiropractor Facebook Ads Campaign

At this point, you may be eager to kickstart your ad campaign. Creating the ad is as essential as jumping on the Facebook advertising platform. You could spend millions of dollars on less effective ads.

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This section will cover the steps you must take before starting a Facebook ad campaign. They are as follows:

Optimize Your Website

Unless you want to sell your services directly on Facebook, you need to keep an optimized website. The ads act as an entry point for your custom audience. That makes maintaining an optimized web page more crucial.

You don’t want people to see a terrible web page. It must be appealing and encourage them to sign up for your service.

There are no cutting corners on this one. You must get it right or risk losing the leads generated. Getting your website ready for visitors is essential to retaining and converting them.

You could spend a sizable budget on getting the best website design. Nevertheless, build the platform around the sales funnel. Outline the steps you want your leads to take when they come aboard.

Craft your messages in the most precise form and avoid ambiguity. People will exit a web page if they do not understand what it is all about. In addition, they will quit if there are no outlined steps.

Create a Landing Page

Your site may already have several pages. Even though sending them there from your Facebook ad might be tempting, you should make a separate landing page.

Landing pages are where users land when they click specific ads. Most businesses will optimize different pages for different ads. It helps, but it also depends on your budget.

There are too many chiropractors, and you want yours to stand out. Your Facebook ads for chiropractors will be complete with a landing page. For this one, you need a web designer.

You can use various no-code platforms to create your landing pages. Regardless of your approach, ensure these platforms have valuable content. It could be a sign-up page or a buy-out page.

Then, you want your users to access the rest of your site. Of course, accessibility is one way to build trust. The rest of your site should reaffirm your expertise.

Create Custom Audiences

Facebook has features for your business to build a custom audience. Of course, you already know the kind of people you want to reach with your chiropractic Facebook ads. The next thing is keying those statistics into the advertising platform.

You will want to specify things like age, location, and gender. The last thing you need is to show your chiropractic Facebook ads to the wrong audience. Of course, that will be a waste of money.

Identify your target market and its demographic. You will key these details into your Facebook ads manager before the campaign. Remember, your audience is as crucial as the ad copy.

Create Your Ads

After optimizing your website and noting your target audience, you must create ads. They could be text-based, image-based, or video-based. Even so, you should have a little write-up to back up your videos or images.

That does not mean you cannot upload standalone videos or images with a call-to-action. If they are adequate for the message, there is no need for a write-up. Remember, the essence is to create valuable content for your audience.

An example could be an e-flyer that shows your chiropractor services or the particular service you are advertising for. Take time to adopt best practices when creating these ads. 

Open a Facebook Page

While you can get an ad agency or influencer to run your ads, you still need a Facebook page. Users can find out about your chiropractic clinic or business without visiting your website. Hence, it must be optimized for your services or products.

You can also use your Facebook advertising for chiropractors to direct cold traffic to your social media page and create a following. That is one way of building followership for your service. Over time, you could spend less on running Facebook ads and focus on your acquired audience.

Spend effort on optimizing your Facebook page. Ensure you have valuable content on it, among other things. Remember, you want to maintain your brand’s awareness as much as possible.

Get a Campaign Objective

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Your ads will perform less well if no campaign objective exists. You must outline the goals from the start. Doing that will shape the kind of chiropractic digital marketing you do.

Your chiropractic Facebook ads could have any of the following objectives:

  • Create brand awareness:

In these ads, you only showcase your brand and what you do. The goal is to raise awareness and make people aware that you exist. It is often subtle and less persuasive.

Creating brand awareness is often the first step in any effective marketing strategy. You want to build your relevance among social media users slowly. Hence, it will involve showcasing your expertise in the profession.

  • Lead Generation:

For this purpose, you want to build a contact list that you can leverage for a more targeted campaign. You are not necessarily selling your service or product, but your expertise. Generating leads is a crucial stage in internet marketing.

Your landing page will also serve this purpose. For example, you will have a contact form instead of a booking or checkout page.

  • Direct Sales

You must be as persuasive as possible to drive sales or bookings. Again, your landing page will have buttons for buy-out or booking. That is, if your potential patients want to purchase a product or book a session with you.

You can also set out metrics that will help track your advertisements. The Facebook Ads Manager has a few tools to help you monitor your click-through rates, impressions, etc. Keep them close and watch them frequently.

Running Your First Chiropractor Facebook Ad

With approximately 2.96 billion users, Facebook is one of the best platforms for running your advertisements. It is a social media channel that is easy to use and can help you run your marketing without outside help. Nevertheless, having a more expert service can boost your chances of getting the best conversion rates.

The steps to fix your first chiropractor Facebook ad are simple. They include the following:

  • Open Your Facebook Page

At this point, we assume you have set up your page on the social media channel. Navigate to the new posts and click them. You can skip this process and create a new promotion.

Keeping the same post on your timeline ensures visitors can also see it organically. Hence, you can kill two birds with one stone.

  • Create Ad

Once you click “Create promotion,” you will have three options, as shown below. You can either get automated ads, new ads, or boost a post. The last option is helpful if you made the post on your timeline.

Automated ads need more expertise because they adjust over time. Clicking “New Post” takes you to the next page.

  • Input details of your ad

On this page, you will input the description of your post. That includes the write-up and call-to-action buttons. Facebook provides several of them, including “call now,” “book now,” “message, learn more,” “sign up,” etc.

Pick the button that is right for you. Specific options will lead to Messenger or WhatsApp. If you don’t need that, include your website’s URL.

  • Define your audience

Once the media file (a picture or video) has been uploaded, choose who you want to see it. Set the age and location. You can also have more than one group of people at this stage.

Ad Preview and Budgeting

These options become available as you set your advertisement. The preview shows how it will look on your potential patient’s phone, while the budget shows the cost.

There will be an option to set the duration. Facebook will only charge you for the number of days you pay for. However, you can set the ad to run continuously until you manually cancel it.

Once you set your daily budget, the advertisement should be ready to run. It is a swift process, from start to finish.

Best Facebook Ads Practices

You can do a couple of things to boost your click rates. Even though conversions depend on your sales funnel, you can make your ads more convincing.

The following are the best practices when running chiropractic Facebook ads:

  • Use carousels more:

Carousels have a better visual appeal than uploading 5 different pictures. It also makes your advertisement look more professional. A viewer can quickly swipe left or right to view your message.

Instagram carousels have better engagement rates than videos and images. Although that report is for a sister social media channel, it shows how effective this strategy can be. The best thing you can do is combine videos and images into one carousel.

  • Run two or more parallel ads

Running only one advertisement limits your knowledge of what works. You need to determine if people are more interested in your writing or your videos. Hence, the best thing is to run several copies concurrently.

Then, you can monitor them and view their statistics after a while. Those with lower engagement can be removed, while you focus on those with higher engagement.

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  • Outline your call-to-action

Let this button be visible. Please state it in your write-up or briefly describe the needed action. Your viewers need to see what to do.

Don’t run chiropractic Facebook ads expecting your audience to know what to do. Tell them and be bold about it.

Use Retargeting Ads

Let’s look at an example. Your advertisement has generated a lead magnet, but the conversion is incomplete. Maybe they did not sign up as you wanted or purchase the product.

This is where retargeting ads come into play. Facebook allows you to send a new advertisement to people who viewed your old ones. You must install Facebook Pixel because the most common ad manager doesn’t work with the feature.

Retargeting is more technical, and you need expert knowledge. Contact us for 15 mins discovery call, and we will have you sorted out.


We’ve told you the basics and a few more advanced things about Facebook advertising for chiropractors. The process is lengthy, and you should be deliberate about it. Remember that your money is going into creating these advertisements.

Of course, you expect engagements and conversions. Everything begins with creating the chiropractic campaign objective. That will shape the marketing strategy you need, the landing page, and the design.

Carousels are the most effective. Nevertheless, running retargeted ads on Facebook Pixel should be part of your strategy. Sometimes, you must reach out to potential patients who viewed your post but did not convert.

The process can quickly become a maze if you don’t get it right. Contact us for 15 mins discovery call and get the proper guidance. We are here to offer you the best in chiropractic social media marketing.

Frequently Asked Questions 

You can view your ad results in the Ad Center. Go to your Facebook page and click Ad Center in the left-hand menu. Then, select the specific advertisement to view the report.

Facebook provides a robust advertising structure you can use for your chiropractic clinic. The process begins by opening a new Facebook page and running the advertisement campaign.

Facebook provides a robust advertising structure you can use for your chiropractic clinic. The process begins by opening a new Facebook page and running the advertisement campaign.

Facebook provides a robust advertising structure you can use for your chiropractic clinic. The process begins by opening a new Facebook page and running the advertisement campaign.

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